We’ll exhibit at Ticketing Professionals Conference in March 2020!

After participating as a visitor two years ago, and with a mini-stand the last edition. Finally this year you’ll find Tech Tickets with a full stand, in the most significant event in the British entertainment ticketing sector: Ticketing Professionals Conference. ( https://ticketingprofessionals.co.uk )

Ticketing Professionals Conference logo. It will last 25 to 27 March in Birmingham.

What is Ticketing Professionals Conference?

The conference takes place in Birmingham every year and it is attended by almost 400 professionals, coming from more than 20 different countries. Furthermore, its main focus is on entertainment ticketing, performing arts, sports, attractions and festivals.

Who will represent Tech Tickets?

Mr. Ian McGowan (Director of Sales and Marketing), Mr. Chris Laming (Managing Director) and Ms. Flavia Cabua (Sales Manager) will represent Tech Tickets in the exhibition ground. They will be more than happy to put their knowledge at your disposal, by showing you samples of tickets made for other venues and events. (Take a look at our page dedicated to event tickets: https://techtickets.co.uk/event-tickets/ ).

Where is our stand?

You will find us in stand number 5. The stall is right in front of the restaurant stand in the middle of the hall; and our neighbours will be Stimare® and CrowdHandler®. Our booth will show the company’s production abilities through an explosion of colors and an incredibly vast variety of samples; from the most popular models to some very peculiar layouts. Holograms, vivid inks, metallized foils and glossy paper are just some of the special features from our large selection that will be available.

A timeless keepsake

It is quite important to remember that your tickets will be held in your customers’ hands and this could be an opportunity to make them talk for you. Indeed, you can choose to have fine, communicative tickets, which your audience will keep over the years and become the timeless keepsake of the special experience enjoyed in your venue.

Ticket design? Let us handle this

However, if you are short of ideas on how to decorate your tickets, don’t worry! In fact, we will take care of your ticket design and make sure to optimize it for printing! You will be the creative director of the work. And following our suggestions your tickets will be exactly what you imagined.

Big news: we have a new Printing press!

With a major focus on print, this year we made a giant leap forward for our business: we bought a new flexographic printing press! This machine definitely increases image quality and accelerates the printing time, therefore reducing the lead-time.

We use only BPA – free paper

Furthermore, we use only BPA- free paper; according to the assessments of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and the ECA (European Chemicals Agency). From 2016 they have added BPA to the reach candidate list for Substances of Very High Concern.

See you there

In conclusion, we really hope that Ticketing Professionals Conference will be a great opportunity to discover and learn new aspects and valuable information about the ticketing and entertainment sector, thanks to the discussion with players of the industry.


Proudly based in Kent, we provide rich and smooth-functioning tickets for events and parking purposes. We are passionate about printing and we love putting our skills and knowledge at the service of those who require a tailor-made approach and bright, rich tickets.

This is why we will advise you on the best solution by choosing the right paper stock, balancing colours, matching the best-looking finish and the most suitable technology. Look at the prototype here on the side to see all the currently available features.


Why don’t you try something different? A new base material, a new ink or a new technology – we will make sure that your tickets will work as smoothly as usual – and look even better. 

We will provide constant graphic & design support during each stage of the product creation, especially the production of the very first draft. We’ll help you make sure that your tickets really stand out and convey your message. Just because your printer sets a standard, it doesn’t mean that your tickets have to be dull!


It really doesn’t matter if you need only few thousands tickets, you don’t deserve standard stock. Thanks to the flexibility of digital print, you can have customized tickets starting from 2’000 pieces* up to about 20’000 pieces*. 

But what if you need a larger quantity and you don’t have enough room for storage? Don’t worry, you can always make a bulk order and call off your stock whenever you need it. This way you can make sure you never get short of tickets.

*reference quantities for 4-inch tickets